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European Council (March)

European Council (March)
Date: 08.03. - 09.03.2007
Venue: Brussels
Policy area: European Council
Type of event: European Council

The Spring European Council will focus on the Lisbon Strategy for growth and jobs, better regulation and an integrated energy and climate policy.

The Heads of State and Government will agree on a European energy policy action plan and adopt ambitious goals to underline Europe's pioneering role in the field of global climate protection. Within the context of the Lisbon process they are expected to agree on measures and goals designed specifically to strengthen the Internal Market and international competitiveness as well as to promote employment and the further development of the European Social Model. Formulation of a clear objective to reduce unnecessary administrative costs will be an important component of their joint commitment to better regulation.

For more information on the European Council's background and mode of operation, please go here.


Photo Archive:

European Council.

Tripartite social summit for growth and employment.

European Council.

Press Releases:

Press Briefing on the European Spring Council in March 2007 with Government Spokesman Ulrich Wilhelm and the European Affairs Adviser of the Federal Chancellor, Uwe Corsepius.

Chancellor Angela Merkel invites the EU Heads of State and Government to the European Council in Brussels.

Exposition “Views on Europe. Europe and German Painting in the 19th Century” in Brussels.

European Council meets in Brussels today and tomorrow.

Europe has to start thinking differently.

Historical agreement on climate protection.

Hope for major headway on climate protection.

Federal Minister of Family Affairs von der Leyen: “Learn from the successful policies of others”.

The Spring European Council: integrated climate protection and energy policy, progress on the Lisbon Strategy.

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