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EU Presidency Statement on the deliberations G8 Heads of State and Government held on Kosovo at the Summit in Heiligendamm

The Presidency of the European Union reaffirms the view of the EU that the issue of Kosovo's future status remains the most urgent political problem in the Western Balkans. In the interest of the stability of Kosovo, Serbia and the entire region this issue must be settled soon.

The European Union believes that a new Resolution by the United Nations Security Council must be the basis for a settlement of the status issue. From the start the European Union has supported the efforts of UN Special Envoy Martti Ahtisaari. The only way to settle the status issue is by a compromise that gives neither side everything it wants. President Ahtisaari has put forward a plan which offers a good basis for a settlement. In the European Union's view, this plan will contribute to the economic and political development of Kosovo and the entire region and enhance stability throughout the region.

The Presidency of the European Union calls upon all parties to intensify their efforts to ensure the adoption of a new Resolution by the United Nations Security Council. The aim must be to give people in the region a real prospect of living in peace and security.

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Date: 09.06.2007