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Steinmeier 30.06.2007 Today the German EU Council Presidency comes to an end. We'd like to thank all those who used our website during the past six months. Our aim was to provide you with fast and detailed information about Germany's Presidency, and we hope we came close to achieving that aim. The number of hits for the daily updated pages proved that the public had a great interest in European policy and in the events of the past half-year. Almost 9,000 subscribers to the newsletters and news alerts used these to get the latest reports. The large number of mostly positive but sometimes critical feedback from you all gave us comfort and support during our daily task. Thank you for your commitment and for the many useful tips! The website was the Presidency's central information platform and multimedia news agency, and we used images, sound and video, as well as podcasts and RSS feeds. You made good use of what was on offer as more than 64 mio hits and 9,2 mio page impressions by 700,000 individual users testify. We would especially like to thank all those who helped us create and run this site. Without your tireless support it would not have been the success it was. Thanks a lot! The editorial team: Hinrich Thölken, Claus Andrée-Röhmholdt, Tim Hoesmann, Georg Kristian Kampfer, Jörg Neuenfeld, Kathrin Steinbrenner more more about: German EU Presidency comes to an end .
Logotype of the portuguese EU Presidency 30.06.2007 On 1 July 2007 Portugal takes over the Presidency of the Council of the European Union. The Website of the Portuguese EU Council Presidency can be reached at As of 1 July 2007 you find topical information on the EU-Presidency in the second semester of 2007. more more about: Website of the Portuguese EU Council Presidency .
European Council 27.06.2007 The German Government set itself the aim during its Council Presidency of strengthening the EU's transparency and effectiveness and of promoting concrete decisions to the benefit of Europe's citizens. It succeeded – the latest Eurobarometer poll shows impressively that at the end of the German Presidency approval of the EU has reached the highest level in 10 years. Some 57% of EU citizens think their country's EU membership is a good thing. more more about: Federal Foreign Minister Steinmeier: Taking stock of Germany's EU Presidency .
Merkel - REGIERUNGonline/Kühler 29.06.2007 Mr President, Esteemed Colleagues from the European Parliament, Ladies and Gentlemen, Just a few days after a memorable European Council I would like to start by recalling our celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome in Berlin in March. On that occasion we reminded ourselves of this: 50 years of the Treaties of Rome, 50 years of peace and freedom, democracy and the rule of law – in the context of history these are no more than the blinking of an eye. And whether they will one day be more than that, we do not know. more more about: Speech by Federal Chancellor Dr Angela Merkel to the European Parliament, Brussels, on 27 June 2007 reviewing the German EU Presidency (transcript) .
Steinmeier, Merkel 23.06.2007 The German Council Presidency has overcome a mammoth task in Brussels: after almost 36 hours of negotiations, it has paved the way for treaty reform in the EU – with the participation of Poland. It was no easy job. But it was worth it. An intergovernmental conference will now draw up the new treaty in detail. We have achieved what we set out to do”, said Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel following the conclusion of the talks on Saturday morning. Europe, she said, had broken the deadlock; the new mandate was a “community effort”. more more about: A good day for Europe .
Ceremony 50 years Treaties of Rome 25.03.2007 In bright sunshine the Berlin Declaration was adopted by the Heads of State and Government of the European Union on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of its founding. Besides recalling the EU’s achievements, the document identifies the EU’s future goals as well as the challenges it faces: safeguarding the European way of life and assuming global responsibility. As Chancellor Angela Merkel noted in the very personal speech she made at the ceremony, “Fifty years of the Treaties of Rome – that means for me, to put it in a nutshell, a dream has come true.” The dream of peace and prosperity could come true because - after devastation and destruction – the Europeans had let themselves be guided by the quality that is their most important attribute: tolerance. more more about: Europe is our common future .

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Date: 29.12.2006